January 21, 2018








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Director/Arranger Collaboration: Song Selection, Voicing, & Instrumentation

Late spring, after the competition season and auditions are complete, is the time to begin the collaboration on the next year's show.... Continue

Acoustics: You Don't Always Hear What You See

WYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get." This is the common name in computing for a system in which content (text and... Continue



The Ultimate Fundraiser: Hosting a Show Choir Competition

A large number of the choral programs, in conjunction with the booster clubs also host their own show choir competitions, which in... Continue

Costuming 101

Costuming has come a long way since I started teaching in 1981. Long gone are the days of blue jeans or T-Shirts and sewing parties... Continue






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