July 29, 2017









Samford University's StepSing

I am proud to call Samford my alma mater for many reasons. Sure, the academics are top shelf, the professors are dedicated and have... Continue

"Wowing" Your Audience With Pop Music

Current pop hits have become an increasingly important part of the show choir repertoire. For many programs, singing songs that... Continue



An LA Love Story: Featuring Tyne Stecklein, Corey Anderson, and Pete Engle (From "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

Talent agent Pete Engle and professional dancer Corey Anderson have long been enamored with show choir. Tyne Stecklein, recently seen... Continue

Copyright for Show Choirs

Complying with copyright laws has never been easier or more straightforward than it is today. Almost all publishers are familiar with... Continue






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