August 30, 2016








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Plan For Success

Itís not likely that you would leave for vacation without first choosing a destination, packing a bag or deciding on your mode of... Continue

DeKalb's Classic Connection's "Skinny Bois": A Fresh Approach to Male Bonding in Show Choir

Classic Connection is an outstanding show choir from DeKalb High School in Waterloo, Indiana, that has been competing for over 26... Continue



Recipe for Show Choir Success

In the spring of 2015, the FOX series "Glee" aired its final show, concluding six seasons and 121 episodes that together contained... Continue

Building Blocks of Winning Show Choir Costume Design

Costume Design-Ahhhh. For most groups-it's a love-hate relationship! My husband says (jokingly, I might add), "What's all the fuss?... Continue






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