December 7, 2016








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A Sentimental Business: The Ethics of Show Choir Streaming Video

Anyone who has searched for show choir videos on Youtube knows that you will likely spend a while finding a "good" video of any... Continue

(Show) Choir Confidential: Lobbying for Equipment Needs (from "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

Despite federal laws defining the arts as a "core academic subject," music education struggles to obtain parity with the support... Continue



DeKalb's Classic Connection's "Skinny Bois": A Fresh Approach to Male Bonding in Show Choir

Classic Connection is an outstanding show choir from DeKalb High School in Waterloo, Indiana, that has been competing for over 26... Continue

The Rebelaires: 50 Years of Music

Director Tom Gerking explains that what lead him to a career in music education was, first and foremost, his love for school. While in... Continue






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